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My story.........

Where do I begin? I have always been a giver, sometimes to a fault. While at times being taken advantage of, others times never really knowing what impact I might of had on someone. Either way I was and am sure i have walked away a better more fulfilled person. At the age of 55, having raised three girls and married for almost 32 years I have come to realize how fortunate I have been. They are all three beautiful young women and ny husband is my very best friend. As we have all had our trials and tribulations, mine have been few, Im not here to brag or boast but to perhaps guide someone else to the path of kindness and gratitude. If we dig hard enough, regardless of the situation, there is gratitude to be found, Which in turn will lead one to look harder for those that are in need of a hand up. I have come to believe that kindness is not found everywhere or in every one. There are those that are naturally kind, those that have to be reminded to be kind and those that will never have it in them. My mission with this blog is to promote, educate and possibly make you think about how you can be kinder to yourself and others

Look for my weekly blog, This an adventure that I would share and discuss will you all. Please feel free to comment and express openly. There is no judgement here.

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